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ACE Hardware upset by Sundance Festival Zombie Short

January 22, 2013

Sundance Film Festival has some short films available on its YouTube Screening Room including a zombie mockumentary “WHEN THE ZOMBIES COME” about plans to fortify an ACE hardware store and using dangerous tools to kill mindless consumer zombies. Though at moments it’s a little long, it’s a rather cute funny short that makes a good point about the weapons and general provisions available at hardware stores.

Apparently nobody asked permission from ACE Hardware, so they came out against it. Some writers think that was a strategic mistake because zombies are in, but really I think they had no choice. This video says things that no company can formally support. Still, they must be loving the free advertising. ACE doesn’t want you to think they are homicidal but of course they want you to know they have all the tools you need for any major job.

Inquisitr: “‘When The Zombies Come’ Debuts On YouTube, Draws Ire Of Ace Hardware“:

Ace Hardware royally messed up. The company could have easily embraced the Sundance short film When The Zombies Come, but instead the company spoke out against the film.

SocialNews: ACE Hardware Does Not Appreciate “When The Zombies Come” Documentary:

It’s painfully apparent that ACE doesn’t get it. Despite recent violent headlines, the zombie apocalypse is still something of a cultural obsession. Embracing the film probably would have been a smarter move.

Kotaku: “You’re Probably Not As Prepared For The Impending Zombie Apocalypse As These Kids” by Luke Plunkett doesn’t mention the controversy but enjoys the film’s quips like:

“No kids and no bitches, because it’s all about survival”.

Other fun moments in the film:

“what are old people gunna besides become zombies but they are going to be slow moving zombies so in case we need to teach somebody how to shoot or in case we need to teach how to easily kill a zombie, what’s easier to teach ’em then on an old person zombie because they can’t move, there’s an abundance of ’em and they’re going to be trying to teach you like ‘oh let me tell you about the 1940’s’ zombie crap, I mean it’s not important”

“what happens to zombies in the rain?”

beer and taquitos and fresh seafood smoke outs with Green Eggs

“there are just so many stupid people in this town and they come into this store and they ask the most ridiculous questions and treat you like crap and all you can really picture is how much you would rather shoot them in the face when they are coming at you trying to bite you – it’s either that or straight up murder and no one considers zombie killing murder – so, if anyone’s ever worked in retail you know exactly what I’m talking about”

This is really a very brilliant parody but understandably ACE can have no sense of humor about its employees stating a desire to kill customers. Then again, this employee is just expressing natural human urges and comedic expression is surely better than repression. ACE should honor and commend its employees’ creativity but likely need to continue distancing itself from this film — except for the part about having everything necessary to rig hot water showers.

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