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L.A. Zombie gang of Evansville, Indiana

January 21, 2013

Last November, ZombieLaw told you about the government case against Derrick G. Murray – this week there was an update on his case.

In the Evansville Couriers & Press: “Man pleads guilty, says threats to police not ‘the smartest thing’” by Mark Wilson reporting that Murray “pleaded guilty to a single charge of transmitting threats in interstate commerce — using the Internet to communicate a physical threat.”

Murray told Chief Judge Richard L. Young that on June 20 he walked up the street from his mother’s house until his smartphone could pick up an unsecured wireless Internet connection

Murray then posted anonymous threats (on Topix) against the Evansville Police. So the police executed a search warrant on that address of that neighboring house. –WoW – That must have been quite a shock for those people! Meanwhile,

Police then received a second warrant and searched the house of Murray’s mother three days later while Murray was home, confiscating two cellphones from him.

FBI Agent Shiloh Archer testified Monday that a forensic examination of one of the phones — which Murray told police was the one he used for the Internet — discovered it had been used to access the Internet address of the wireless router from where police had already determined the threats were made.

Archer said the Topix website is based in California, meaning that the threats would have been communicated across state lines.

Let’s pause there for a moment. The threats were against the local police but it’s interstate because the server … ok continuing:

Murray was preliminarily charged and a federal grand jury subsequently indicted him on three counts of using the Internet to make threats.

Federal prosecutors have agreed to drop two of the charges in return for Murray’s guilty plea.

The threat he pleaded guilty to making read (sic all):

“Lol at all da cops commenting. F#=k the police. you mfs need to b taught a lesson. always harassing n violating mfs rights. 4th of July a cops house gonna get hit. don’t care about your kids or btchs lives. I dnt even care about my own life. I got my reasons … times ticking.”

Other threats he posted included references to Evansville Police Chief Billy Bolin’s neighborhood and to having explosives.

See also earlier reporting from Mark Wilson: “Evansville man expected to plead guilty to Internet threats on police“, stating:

Police have said they believe Murray was a leader in a local street gang called the L.A. Zombies

That issue of group affiliation does not appear to have been addressed as part of the plea allocution. Murray’s sentencing hearing is set for late March.

Now less than a week later, in TriState Homepage: “Police Say Sunday Shooting May Be Gang Related” by: Jordan Vandenberge & Curtis McNeely:

This shooting incident today occurred just about three miles from Murray’s mothers’ home but there is no evidence reported to believe these shootings are in any way related to Murray. Except apparently the “police” have told Mark Wilson that both cases may relate to the gang, the L.A. Zombies.

There could be a show called ‘anonymous police sources say the darndest things’- for example, recall the Miami Causeway Zombie became motivation for bath salt legislation before revelation that there was no evidence of bath salt.

The LA Zombies in Indiana are maybe related to drugs but on this issue, Wikipedia seems exceedingly unhelpful (except to laugh about an unrelated movie title):

L.A. Zombie is a 2010 queer cinema zombie film. The film is written and directed by Bruce LaBruce and stars gay pornographic actor François Sagat. The film premiered in competition at Locarno International Film Festival in Switzerland in 2010. Synopsis: A homeless schizophrenic (François Sagat), thinks he’s an alien zombie sent to earth. Roaming the streets of Los Angeles in search of dead bodies, he tries to bring the dead back to life by engaging in homosexual sex

So for more about this Evansville gang see reports from October 2011; “Evansville teens running gang” By Laura McNutt, about four other arrests allegedly related to L.A. Zombies and “Meth, and Gangs: Are They Taking Over Our City?” by Sandman, writing:

The “LA Zombie” is made up of about 20 members, some of which are as young as 12 years old. They said there have been several fights and shootings between the LA Zombies and a rival gang called “Murder Squad.”

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