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Time Traveling Zombie Money

January 18, 2013

Raúl Ilargi Meijer writes “Tim Geithner Has Allowed Zombie Money To Drive The Markets, And This Poses Gargantuan Risk“:

The main problem from a purely technical point of view with the way Geithner has gone about business is that it’s to a large extent zombie money that drives markets today, money that would not have existed if debts had been properly restructured. If anytime in the future, either driven by markets or governments, banks are forced to restructure their debt after all, this poses a gargantuan risk to both the financial system and the overall economy. And we’ll have Geithner to thank for that. Not only him, there’s Ben Bernanke, Alan Greenspan, Hank Paulson and many more. Still, Geithner has had the option and the power to do the right thing, for four long years, and declined.


What the president and his Treasurer have done is feed zombies. With – future – human flesh.

And suddenly the plot of the movie “Looper” begins to make sense. It’s like “Soylent Green” except that the green is people transported back from the future after they agree in the past to kill themselves – so that they can live it up and party a few more years. Is that more like a collateralized security or the Congressional sequester?

the bankers and their shareholders continue to hide their debts, and continue to use the zombie money they thus seem to have to make leveraged wagers whose profits they can pocket and whose losses they can pass on to you.

zombie Raúl Ilargi Meijer

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