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We become zombie as robots do more creative work

January 17, 2013

Machines are beginning to do what we thought only humans could do; namely, creative work. Soon the robots may become even more human than we are (see human-sub-human) and leave us behind as an older evolutionary form; mere meat to be managed by our robot-cyborg overlords. Already the robots can:

Teach – Nytimes: The Machines Are Taking Over

Drive cars – Ars: Robot Cars now Officially Legal in CA

Spy on us – Ars: PCs Surreptitiously captured users most intimate moments

Do lawyerly legal work – “quantitative legal prediction” – Dallas Blog: Replacing Lawyers with Computers

Do all labor
– The Atlantic: The End of Labor – How to Protect Workers from the Rise of the Robots

Afraid yet?– The News Tribune: “Forget the zombies and worry about the evil robots” by John Kass (originally in Chicago Tribune as “Spielberg stops ‘Robopocalypse,’ perhaps on orders of evil master robot“)

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