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Fractured niches

January 17, 2013

National Post: “Sci-fi high: The boom in Canadian series that go bump in the night” by Scott Stinson: |

It doesn’t hurt that shows with everything from zombies (The Walking Dead), vampires (True Blood) and oft-naked sorceresses (Game of Thrones) have had mainstream success, but the way the television landscape is rapidly changing, it may be that niche programming will have a value over series that are targeted at a broad viewership. As the audience becomes ever more fractured, will vanilla series that aim for wide appeal even make sense? Or will broadcasters decide that shows are better off with a narrow, attached audience?


“It’s easy to dismiss such viewers as living in their mother’s basement, which obviously is overgeneralizing, but even if it wasn’t, broadcasters and advertisers wouldn’t mind. Those folks have money to spend, too”

This relates to a lot more than Television. Consider the fracturing that has allowed for the regulation of cigarettes, sugary soda and guns.


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