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Movies as signs of the political times

January 16, 2013

NYTimes: “Movies in the Age of Obama” by A. O. Scott and Manohla Dargis:

Politically and personally this president functions as a screen onto which different Americans project their fears and fantasies. From the right, the picture is often of a monster whose policies are steps on a scary road to socialism or some other exotic form of tyranny. Many liberals, by contrast, have expressed disappointment at his willingness to compromise with Republicans and his reluctance to fight. At different times and from various angles Mr. Obama is a fiery orator, an aloof intellectual, a policy nerd and a shrewd strategist. He is notoriously resistant to sketch-comedy impersonation and also, perhaps, to simple pop-cultural appropriation.

The movie “The Avengers” was a parable of community organizing in time of disaster. And “outsize fears may be the flip side of the extravagant hope of 2008”, concluding:

intimations of apocalypse have figured heavily in the popular imagination of the past four years. Real-world disasters (hurricanes, earthquakes, wars) have been mirrored in movies about rampant zombies, planetary collisions, killer epidemics and other harbingers of human extinction.

harvey milk as captain america


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