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Invasive Zombies in the Everglades

January 14, 2013

AP from emirates247: ‘Python challenge’ draws about 800 hunters :

The recommended method for killing pythons is the same for killing zombies: a gunshot to the brain, or decapitation to reduce the threat. (The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals doesn’t approve of the latter method, though.)

Pythons are kind of the zombies of the Everglades, though their infestation is less deadly to humans. The snakes have no natural predators, they can eat anything in their way, they can reproduce in large numbers and they don’t belong here

once again: Florida.

Zombies as invasive species seems to make a lot of sense in biological terms, and from a moral consciousness perspective the python doesn’t even know it is doing anything wrong. Nevertheless they will be hunted and destroyed.

Recall other zombielaw environmentalism: zombie coral reef and zombie electricity drains.

And see also this Wikipedia list of invasive species in the Everglades.

It is perhaps too easy to imagine pythons as evil zombies, they are already scary creatures that eat other creatures. Another invasive species in the Everglades, this beautiful purple flower of the water hyacinth:

The flower and its plant have a lot of really useful properties but when they invade some environments they cause a lot of damage to the local ecology. I feel bad for all the dead pythons, really I do. But I mean, zombies gotta get killed … right? I mean what other choice is there but to rip the hyacinth out of any canals and be quick about it. As The Queen says in “Alice in Wonderland”: Off with their Heads!

See USAToday: “Everglades python hunt draws guns, knives, drills” by Chad Gillis, The (Fort Myers, Fla.) News-Press
AND see WSVN:”Python hunting season begins in South Florida

UPDATE- See also Washington Post version: “Nearly 800 people set out to hunt invasive snakes during ‘python challenge’ in Fla. Everglades” by Jennifer Kay


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