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Zombies follow vampire undead allegories

January 12, 2013

From the Winnipeg Free Press: “Walking dead walking tall as vampires become anemic” by Bartley Kives :

After shuffling and moaning around the fringes of popular culture for decades, reanimated, cannabilistic corpses have finally conquered mainstream television, film and literature. Zombies, once considered too gory for anything but horror audiences and video games, are now more common than clowns and teddy bears


Compared to vampires, which are capable of speech and character development, zombies are uncharismatic. So why exactly are the creatures so popular? Part of the answer has to do with allegory … both an antiwar statement and a racism parable


The consumerism allegory
The culture of passivity
Fear of science and technology
Fear of contagion in general
Mistrust of government


There are now university courses devoted to zombie literature. Before Idle No More, the only way to convince young Canadians to take to the streets was to hold a zombie walk.

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