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zombie republicans

January 11, 2013

Bob Burnett, Berkeley writer, retired Silicon Valley executive, in HuffPo: “Zombie Politics: 2013 Republicans

Originally a “zombie” was a reanimated corpse, but recently the term has expanded to signify a person under a spell without consciousness and self-awareness. A contemporary Republican politician.

Recently? Recall Bob Hope in the 1940’s using zombies to describe democrats. Burnett continues:

Writing in The American Prospect, John Sides defined “Zombie Politics” as politics based upon ideas that are dead but live on.

Recall similarly Paul Krugman’s “zombie ideas”, Burnett lists:

“government is bad,” “taxes are too high,” “citizens can enjoy public services without paying for them,” and “the free market will cure all problems.”

and claims:

Republicans have no use for government. They hold tight to the zombie view that government is America’s number-one problem, even when it comes to providing aid for American disaster victims.


he’s asking to borrow money to pay obligations Congress has already approved.” Giving Obama a blank check is a zombie proverb.


Zombie priest Grover Norquist famously proclaimed, “Our goal is to shrink government to the size where we can drown it in a bathtub.”

Bath salts?

And see more ZombieLaw Republicans


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