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Evil or Insane – Batman – Holmes – Rot in Hell

January 11, 2013

Mike Taibbi and Tracy Connor, NBC News: ‘Rot in hell, Holmes!’: Anger after judge postpones Aurora suspect’s arraignment:

“He’s not insane. He’s evil and there’s a difference,” said Theresa Hoover, whose 18-year-old son, A.J. Boik, was killed

And he was also a neuroscience student.

What is it about the brain that makes zombies go crazy? Those tasty brains…

Batman takes legacy from Sherlock Holmes as a rational investigator. Holmes is born out of the industrial revolution and the start of modern forensic sciences. We are in a modern digital era but Batman still aims to solve crime by logic, evidence and technology. Batman’s arch-nemesis is the Joker because the Joker represents a story Batman cannot comprehend – irrational violence.

Judge Posner writing for The Seventh Circuit in 2001 (about zombie video games):

All literature (here broadly defined to include movies, television, and the other photographic media, and popular as well as highbrow literature) is interactive; the better it is, the more interactive. Literature when it is successful draws the reader into the story, makes him identify with the characters, invites him to judge them and quarrel with them, to experience their joys and sufferings as the reader’s own. Protests from readers caused Dickens to revise Great Expectations to give it a happy ending, and tourists visit sites in Dublin and its environs in which the fictitious events of Ulysses are imagined to have occurred. The cult of Sherlock Holmes is well known. Most of the video games in the record of this case, games that the City believes violate its ordinances, are stories.

The modern media narrative suggests evil acts are the irrational violence of psychological distortions . We have never heard from the mass killers (Jared Loughner, James Holmes, Nidal Malik Hasan, Wade Michael Page) their side of the story. For the recent Newtown killings, the killer is dead and still his brain won’t tell any secrets: “No irregularities in brain of Newtown killer, says coroner“. We presume they wouldn’t make much sense anyway. It might be gibberish or it might be in an irrational language we just can’t understand. Or it might be a murky political statement like in Denmark (see IBTimes: “Confessed Mass-Killer Wanted to Wage a War against Multiculturalism“).

In the system of justice, these acts of mass violence are inherently illogical. There is no legitimate political statement outside the political system. These people are defacto insane, elementary my dear, elementary. But then come the conspiracy theories – the natural attempt to find order in the chaos:

Gawker: “Florida Atlantic University Professor Wonders if the Sandy Hook Shooting Isn’t Just One Big Mass Media Conspiracy” by Jordan Sargent – And News5 WPTV: “Crisis actors? Professor says in interviews that ‘crisis actors’ may have Sandy Hook involvement by Mike Clary, Sun Sentinel”

… oh Florida

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