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Jet Lag Mercury Zombies Flying Cars to Papa New Guinea

January 10, 2013

EnewsPF: “Mercury Treaty: Last Chance to Address Health Effects“:

Human Rights Watch research has documented how small-scale gold miners use mercury to extract gold from the ore, and risk mercury poisoning as a result. At least 13 million people work as artisanal gold miners globally, including many children. Few are aware of the harm mercury can cause.

In Mali, Human Rights Watch interviewed children as young as 11 about their daily work with mercury. InPapua New Guinea, a doctor told Human Rights Watch researchers about the impact of mercury on small-scale gold miners: “We have dozens of cases of mercury poisoning. ….They stare blankly at the wall. You cannot talk to them, they are not conversant, nothing. They are like zombies. And we have several cases that did not recover.”

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And speaking of international travel, NBCNews: “Goodbye jet lag?” by A. Pawlowski

There are zombies among us. Look up any traveler who’s just flown across several time zones, and you’ll find an irritable, lifeless creature that wilts during the day and roams about at night.

And in other travel, Lesley Toth at Mille Lac County Times “It’s 2013: Where’s my flying car?“:

as a child of the 80s, the 2000s were a far-off distant future filled with technological advances, space travel, robots and more.


It’s 2013 and while bath salts are turning people into zombies, we still haven’t discovered a way to turn people into X-Men. (I really wanted to be the weather wielding mutant, Storm, when I grew up.)

Aside from flying cars being relevant to zombies, I think it also relevant (to the idea of saving child workers in Papa New Guinea) that Ms. Toth (who appears in her byline picture as a white girl) wanted to grow up to be Storm (a powerful black woman). Toth also mentions star trek.


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