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Zombie Planets, Women, Shaq, Evil, Nation

January 9, 2013

FoxNews: “‘Zombie’ planet Fomalhaut b shocks scientists” by Tariq Malik:

scientists dubbed the world a “zombie planet” because it appeared to rise from the academic grave

See also HuffPoUK: “‘Zombie Planet’ Formalhaut B ‘Shocks’ Scientists With Strange 2,000-Year Orbit” by Michael Rundle:

Formalhaut B is a giant alien world, about three times the mass of Jupiter – and was in fact the first alien planet ever directly photographed in visible light.

So it’s a zombie because it’s cycle was not predictable.

Note also WEAU: “SURVEY: Women rising and not shining in the morning” by Courtney Everett :

Zombie Underground Gaming App asked 2,000 adults in London who is grumpier in the morning. It revealed that women are grumpier than men when the wake up.

See also this DeviantArt post by ~kadenfukuyama entitled “Subhumanization” (recall yesterday’s zombielaw post on subhumanization) – the drawing of this demon is subtitled “Sometimes, mornings bring out the worst in us.”

See also IO9: “On the Nature of Evil (Also, Zombie Sex)” by Rob Bricken eluding to the movie The Postman and a postal apocalypse then answers: “Would having sex with a zombie be necrophilia?”

And in Forbes: Bill Bonner contributes – “Zombie Nation Is A Real Wealth Sucker“:

Creating and sustaining a nation of zombies is expensive.

Meanwhile Shaquille O’neil (“you know him as the justice bringer, Shaq”) is a powerful black man fighting zombies in new game: ShaqDown (recall other ZombieLaw basketball references -and Obama likes basketball– catchphrases: “Free Throw!”, “Jump Shot!”)

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