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Drones with Purple Hearts fight Distortions with a Platinum Coin

January 8, 2013

Sorry but this post isn’t really about zombies. None of these articles use the word but they are all related to the political milieu: war, economic myth-making, the comic book style.

CNN: Nominated as Pentagon chief, Hagel vows to fight ‘distortions’ by Josh Levs:

Hagel’s experience in Vietnam, which earned him two Purple Hearts, gave him “the proper appreciation for what it’s like on the ground, at the bottom,” [General Wesley] Clark said.

“Distortions” is such perfect Orwellian doublespeak. How does being wounded in war change a man’s perspective? Recall the only “zombie” at the U.S. Supreme Court was in a case about a criminal war veteran.

Is the solution to PTSD and wounded soldiers to replace them with machines? Will there come a day when machines -drones- will be awarded purple hearts? And what better face to sell drone warfare then one who knows personally the terror of human combat.

In other political news, a trillion-dollar platinum coin is a very serious joke. Paul Krugman thinks the coin is better than the alternative and that it should have John Boehner’s face, see NYTimes: “Be Ready To Mint That Coin“:

Should President Obama be willing to print a $1 trillion platinum coin if Republicans try to force America into default? Yes, absolutely. He will, after all, be faced with a choice between two alternatives: one that’s silly but benign, the other that’s equally silly but both vile and disastrous.

A month ago, Jim Carney in “The Trillion-Dollar Coin Is Back” recalled his earlier ‘joke’ that the coin would be “enormous” from “How Big Would a $1 Trillion Coin Be?“.

Recall Batman had a giant penny.

trillion dollar platinum coin

This myth of the platinum coin seems related to Krugman’s notions of zombie idea. Krugman defined zombie idea as:

policy ideas that keep being killed by evidence, but nonetheless shamble relentlessly forward, essentially because they suit a political agenda.

In contrast, the giant coin is not killed by evidence, it is simply not taken seriously despite evidence. Where zombie ideas (for Krugman) are wrong but keep going (often fueled by zombie lies), the giant coin myth is an example of an idea that might be right but can’t possibly suit any real political agenda because the blowback could be too enormous. And it is possible that on the flip side of this very coin there is a zombie idea working for the other side, for example maybe this is all about stirring the complete opposite Ron Paul style arguments about return to the gold standard by suggesting what will knowingly outrage them – or that we should even have coins at all? (See “Why Are People Hoarding Coins?“.

No one can just come out and authorize a droid army, it has to creep in slow-like; like distortions of inflationary spending.

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