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The First ZomRomCom by SEO trick

January 6, 2013

Yesterday ZombieLaw posted about Gail Collins op-ed mentioning the upcoming Zombie Romantic Comedy (zom-rom-com) entitled “Warm Bodies”. As promo for the movie, the producers have released a clip of the first four minutes of the movie. Only now have I realized the brilliance of this decision. By releasing the first four minutes they got tons of blogs to put the word “first” and variations of “zombie romantic comedy” in their headlines, and so now when you search for “first zomcom” or “first zomromcom” you find their movie.

But this Jonathan Levine movie is not the first movie of the kind. Wikipedia has a good entry on Zombie Comedy and despite linking to a 2004 MTV article which claims “‘Shaun Of The Dead’: The World’s First Rom-Zom-Com (Romantic Zombie Comedy)?“, that honor probably belongs to Bob Balaban’s 1993 movie My Boyfriend’s Back

Disclaimer: I heart Bob Balaban even more than I heart Gail Collins (if that’s possible).

Also consider “The caring side of zombies” about how the compelling story and characters of the Walking Dead video game allow the reviewer to overlook some technical bugs in the game. And recall a similar but different ZombieLaw theory that zombie video games are currently so popular because the technical limitations of modern computer graphics prevents smooth human movement and so if the images are going to look uncanny they are more believable if the story makes them zombies.

Finally consider some zombie comedies that are not officially zombie movies (recall debate about what’s an actual zombie) – for example ZombieLaw has already discussed Weekend at Bernies but consider also The Notebook.

This is not meant as an insult to Alzheimer’s patients but as a reminder that zombies are about memories of the past – see also the Zombie Marcel Proust and the Zombie Hillary Clinton.


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