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Zombies in Haiti, India, Kansas & periodic table of booze

January 4, 2013

From Slate Book Review: “Shaken and Stirred” is “Dany Laferrière’s memoir of the Haitian earthquake.” review by Madison Smartt Bell

The World is Moving Around Me is constructed as an anthology of these immediate impressions, recorded from the moment when “We slowly got to our feet like zombies in a B-movie,” to begin exploring a country that had just had its recent hopes of progress sliced out from under it. “In less than a minute, some saw their lifelong dreams go up in smoke. That cloud in the sky a while back was the dust of their dreams.”

Speaking of shaken and stirred, TheDailyMeal: “Periodic Table of Cocktails: From Appletinis to Zombies” article by HellaWella begins:

No wonder James Bond kills it in those suits — martinis are one of the lowest-calorie options when it comes to cocktails.

Recall the zombie James Bond connection and note the double meaning of “kills” – and of course the connection to alcohol and the aesthetics of science (the real periodic table has useful organizing properties in rows and columns whereas this table is merely designed to look like it)

Meanwhile, “Kansas militia expects zombies, and it’s dead serious” by Karen Dillon of Kansas City Star:

“Can a natural person change into this monster that many fear?” Alfredo Carbajal, the militia’s main spokesman, said in an interview. “The possibilities are yes, it can happen. We have seen incidents that are very close to it, and we are thinking it is more possible than people think.”

Similarly, author Mainak Dhar has a new book “Zombiestan” about a zombie invasion of India spread from Afghanistan. Read his interview in The Hindu: “Hope and horror” by Mini Anthikad Chhibber:

Zombies for me are a way of bringing to life in my post-apocalyptic novels how sometimes our worst fears and horrors are our own creation. So, in Zombiestan, I treat zombies a bit differently than just mindless, brain eating monsters, they are almost a metaphor for the evil we are capable of unleashing.


The outbreak is in a way a metaphor for religious fanaticism and how those blinded by it seek to spread their message, even if it means destroying innocent lives. The key protagonists were chosen deliberately — a Christian Navy SEAL, a Hindu boy and girl, and a Muslim writer — all banding together to protect a child. That was done to show that irrespective of our religion or background, inherent goodness can unite us all when faced with evil.

Dhar is also fascinated by Lewis Carol and already wrote a series called “Alice in Deadland”. I think this is relevant because of the style of Lewis Carol’s play with literal language.

Recall ZombieLaw mention of Tweedle Dee and Dum in post way back last March about GM/GMAC vampires-zombies

Overall, I would note the aesthetic of global capitalism and pseudo-science.

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