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Zombie Hillary Clinton – a question of credibility

January 4, 2013

An open question at Yahoo Answers “Is hillary clinton turning into a zombie!!??!?” asked 3 days ago by username: “golden tooth gangsta” (incidentally this user account was created on Mayan Apocalypse Day, 12/21/12) the question continues:

i just read about zombies on wikipedia n hilary clinton has a blood clot now is she turnin in 2 a zombie!!?!?

There are currently seven posted response answers (all also three days old).

User “k k” thinks Hillary has “always been a zombie; her brain taken over by the evil virus known as ‘Wall Street’.” “Laura” laughs (“HAHAHAHA”) but concludes: “No. If she was a zombie all of us would be.” (pause to consider that – just the other day, I joked to a grocery store cashier that we had survived the Mayan new years and were not zombies and he responded, “as far as we know.”)

Meanwhile, four of the answers suggest the question uncouth: “General McConnel” (with a Ninja Turtle user icon) refers to the questioner as “ashole” whereas “Sassy One” spells it “Azzhole” and calls it “sick to the core”; “BRONCO BAMA” also questions the maturity of the question: “A zombie? Really? What are ya? 12?” and “jotacar” wonders “what sort of family were you [golden tooth gansta] raised, that you consider it acceptable to make fun of illness?”

Only one answer hits on the political issue of why Hillary Clinton’s medical condition is related to zombies. The user “DENTURED MUTATED MOOLAH GMO cow” answered, “if someone whispers in her ear ‘Benghazi Case Closed’ her eyes would awaken…”

See also RawStory: “State Dept. slams Fox News ‘credible journalist’ for ‘asinine’ question about Clinton’s health” by David Edwards.

Note the similarity of asinine to ashole (and azzhole) – Fox News correspondent Justin Fishel, had the gall to question the official State department story:

“Toria, can you expand on why Secretary Clinton can’t testify on Thursday about this?” the Fox News correspondent asked department spokesperson Victoria Nuland, according to a transcript. “It seems that she has not been available to testify on the Benghazi situation on some very key dates, including the Sunday after 9/11 and now this Thursday.”

Clinton Senior Advisor Philippe Reines in email says the transcript must be wrong:

“Because after what we and her doctors explained over the weekend regarding her health, you couldn’t possibly have been insinuating the ulterior motives that question implies. No way. No credible journalist would do that without any basis whatsoever.”

And Reines also thinks there is such a big difference between testifying before Congress and testifying to a television audience that this must also be a misquote. Video is also available with this article on

Now I would not dare suggest that Hillary Clinton or the State department has in any way fabricated any of the reports of her medical difficulties. But that said, it is somewhat humorous to consider any Secretary of State suffering a blow to the head and then being unable to testify about an important moment in recent foreign affairs. The Benghazi situation remains a political hot potato and it is more than understandable if any politician would do everything in her power to avoid touching it.

zombie hillary clinton texting meme texts zombies congress senate recollection senator

Recall also that zombies are related to questions of credibility. And though Susan Sontag warned that “Illness is Not Metaphor”, maybe sometimes it is. As in the lyric from the musical “Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson”: “Why do I feel sick when I look at you?”. And “testify” doesn’t have to mean in a legal setting, it can also have religious connotations or merely any statement of personal conviction.

At ChristianPost Blog “Zombie Mania—How It Affects Us All” by Paul Louis Metzger:

if humans were not to have souls or a state of consciousness that is more than a bodily material function, but were simply eating and consuming masses not yet dead, why not shoot them up? Is there anything sacred about the material mundane beyond mere sentiment and emotional associations that we make with certain human bodies we prize? How does killing zombies affect our consciousness as humans? How do such killings and the questions about them affect our consciousness of other humans?

The zombie question is a question of us-them relationships and the definition of political Otherness. If the TV audience is mere zombie consumers is it ok to lie to them?

At TruthOut: “Thirteen Safe Bets for 2013” by Dr. Michael Niman includes three bets I think are highly relevant. First his “zombie” reference is specifically directed to the journalists at Fox News (and then consumerism generally):

6. The GOP propaganda machine, with more money than God, will attempt to buy and neuter any news organization whose reporters actually ask pertinent questions of politicians. The result will be more zombie newsrooms, cloned from the Wall Street Journal and Fox News.

7. Meanwhile, the pop culture phenomena of zombies and the zombie apocalypse will continue to grow in popularity, spurring more sales of zombie-themed products to zombie-like shoppers inspired by zombie media and media about zombies. A performance art piece entitled They Walk the Malls will involve millions of actors and will simultaneously run in every major city.

Niman also mentions metaphors:

2. There will be “cliffs,” more “cliffs,” and more talk about bigger, steeper, and scarier “cliffs,” as politicians and idiot journalists torture the nation with an endless stream of hyperbolic metaphors. …

and he also bets:

4. More children will die in a mass killing, this time at the hands of a serial killer. He or she will pull the “trigger” near Syracuse, New York. The killer will have accomplices who will refer to him or her as a “pilot.” The killer’s weapon will be an aerial drone. The children will fall dead thousands of miles away. American flags will not be at half-mast. There will be no national moment of silence.

Yeah, he just called U.S. a serial killer. So maybe you don’t think that’s related to Benghazi but it definitely relates to the war on terror more generally. Are you a terrorists? Is Hillary Clinton? Or maybe you think Hillary Clinton is of such high political stature as to be unimpeachable. Surely her husband once thought the same thing.

So in closing, let’s refer back to “jotacar” in Yahoo Answers who also wrote: “what unkindnesses do you have for the first President Bush as he battles illness in a hospital bed” and “Don’t you have anything hilarious to say about the twenty children who died in Connecticut?”

Is it unkind to question policy mistakes? Is it hilarious that we are horrified by innocent deaths, but only sometimes?


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