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Italian or Japanese – Drunk Zombies

January 4, 2013

Remember when Mitt Romney couldn’t decide if the country was going to Greece or Spain, well, apparently Forbes can’t decide if we are becoming Italian or Japanese.

human sushi shark love cloudy with chance meatballs sky falling

Already ZombieLaw mentioned Forbes: “Italy’s Zombie Politicians Have Crossed The Atlantic” by Matthew Melchiorre

Then a day later also in Forbes: “ZIRP, Zombies And The Japanization Of The American Economy” by Mark Hendrickson making a similar zombie economics argument about:

…policy to prop up politically connected economic zombies, and official Washington will do everything possible to prevent a needed economic restructuring from taking place.

Yet somehow, Hendrickson remains mildly optimistic:

American ingenuity and creativity will find ways to prosper—but it won’t be easy. Good luck.

Recall zombies as social construction of the non-creative and “Creativity is a Zombie Noun” (query: what kind of zombie grammar is “Japanization”?).

Also “good luck” might just be an illusion of persistence; sometimes the best way to increase the success rate is to increase the failure rate — unless you only get one try or if failure can result if catastrophic results.

Fortunately in American cities we have lots of restaurants and can sample tastes from all of these countries (Japan, Italy, Spain, Greece and more). Meanwhile in other news, regardless of whether you prefer red wine or sake, zombies are again related to alcohol – see theNowNews: “Police deal with ‘zombie’ call, drunks on New Year’s Eve” by Jeremy Deutsch.

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