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too much zombie news today I can’t keep up

January 2, 2013

So by now you’ve heard, Zombie Congress cut a deal to avert the fiscal cliff (after they went over it – yay for backdating), and so as promised by Obama campaign there will be no tax increase for those making less than 250k (became 450k in negotiations) but of course he didn’t mean that pesky payroll tax – so taxes are actually going up for most of those people but just not the income tax.

But that was all just the resolution of Taxmaggeddon – the fiscal cliff was the Sequestration and that problem has merely been kicked down the road – we still have a spending problem! – but this Zombie Congress is about to end and bring on the 113th to try again.

At Esquire, Charles Pierce revived his “zombie-eyed granny starver” to describe last night’s political show in “A Zombie Eye On The Future“:

I realize that the really big news today is that master strategist John Boehner allegedly told Harry Reid to go fk himself. As is well-known, the blog is all in favor of this kind of thing, if only because it keeps things clear and honest, and is completely hilarious, and we need some of that, too. However, when I went to bed last night, the really big news was that Paul Ryan, the zombie-eyed granny starver from Wisconsin and first runner-up for the second-highest office in the land, voted in favor of the deal that kept us from sliding down the Gentle Fiscal Incline. There are a number of reasons not to be surprised by this

Is this the end of Zombie Congress? Well, it’s the end of this lame duck session but may be the beginning of many more zombie congresses to come. See Forbes: “Italy’s Zombie Politicians Have Crossed The Atlantic” by Matthew Melchiorre (the Warren T. Brookes Journalism Fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute):

Zombies have overrun Rome—and they’re spreading to Washington. Politics on both sides of the Atlantic is stuck in limbo between life and death as politicians stagger about hopelessly to stall on reform. Italy’s reformist technocrat government, led by Mario Monti, came to an end last month, which means the country is at risk of losing its only hope to escape political stagnation. Meanwhile, despite all the grandstanding from President Obama and Congress, nothing seems to change in the U.S., either. Yesterday’s tax-raising deal to supposedly avoid the “fiscal cliff”and punt on cutting spending is just the latest episode of Washington’s lifeless routine. Italy’s broken political culture represents the political zombie apocalypse that America must avoid.

Melchiorre refers to Super Mario (video games connection) and describes communists, guilds, unions and workers politics in Italy, concluding:

What can Americans learn from this? Plenty, since it offers a glimpse of the future if politicians in Washington fail to confront the country’s fiscal challenges. Grand talk of cutting spending and shrinking debt has failed to deliver time and again in the United States. And even when the Beltway zombies made a modest achievement to cut spending through an automatic sequester agreed to in August 2011, they work at its reversal before it can take place this year. This is the definition of going nowhere.

Democratic zombies hunt for tax money to keep funding unsustainable entitlements, while the Republican undead try to scare the public into believing that a military budget trimmed back to pre-2004 levels will leave America defenseless. Every politician has a special interest to please, whether it’s the AARP or a defense contractor. As in Italy, America’s political culture is broken.

Meanwhile at HoustonPress, Jeff Balke: “Zombies and Fiscal Cliffs” among “The 10 most overhyped stories of 2012” also including Superstorm Sandy, Tim Tebow, Facebook’s IPO and women liking 50 shades of porn. Balke counts both “Zombie Apocalypse” and “Mayan Calendar End of World” as two entries in the list of overhyped stories.

Also in HoustonPress today, Pete Vonder Harr writes “Reality Bites: Zombie Apocalypse” about television and includes mention of Drezner and Schlozman because of their appearance on the Discovery Chanel.

Also about entertainment, “A Big Bird’s-eye view on the past 12 months” by Fish Griwkowsky, Postmedia News in Leader-Post compares the use of old characters to zombies. Griwkowsky refers to “zombie Jim Henson”, the consumer taste for boy bands, and is thankful that the Tupac hologram technology has not yet been used for Kurt Cobain. Noting:

sequels and films based on pre-existing material or figures (zombies!) reassure theatre patrons they aren’t being asked to take chances on the unfamiliar

Nostalgia for familiar stories becomes “a world increasingly worshipping zombies and the undead”.

Annabel Park, filmmaker and democracy advocate, blogged at HuffPo: “The Zombification of America“:

The deep divisions that exist in America along political, economic and cultural lines have led many Americans to take a highly cynical view of government and its power to serve the people. As we count down the final hours and minutes in which our leaders are unable to avert our economic plunge off the fiscal cliff, that cynicism and fatalism is reinforced.

and referring to a comparison of meth-addicts to zombies:

This is my fear about America in a nutshell: Are we feeling so alienated from one another that we see the other as zombie-like and worthless? That is, not deserving of compassion, a voice in the political process, or even life? And, is this alienation creeping into our legislative process? Everything from gun control to the budget, immigration policies and Stand Your Ground laws?
Read More at HuffPo

Meanwhile in Miami New Times, another naked-biting Miami Zombie attack – or is this a “Miami Werewolf”? See “Naked Man Enters Yard, Chokes Dog, Bites Homeowner Before Being Shot and Arrested” by Michael Miller

And also in todays Miami New Times: “Miami Street Art: Top 10 New Wynwood Murals” by Jacob Katel describes the Sistine Chapel of mural art, the Wynwood area of Miami, including the mural “Losing Touch” by Danilo Gonzalez:

In the year of the “Miami Zombie,” post-Apocalyptic, biomechanical corpse hands seem so appropriate.
mural losing touch zombie cybernetic

A humor op-ed published in Charlton County Herald by Len Robbins mentions both zombies and the Supreme Court and teaching dogs to talk (albeit in different resolutions), see “Keeping the Supreme Court busy in 2013“.

And finally, at I09 “The most important question of 2013 answered: Can zombies get drunk?” by Rob Bricken and assuming they can get drunk from vodka, could they get drunk by eating a person who was drunk? (also includes a recipe for lembas bread).

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