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Zombie Congress in session today so I will too

December 31, 2012

ZombieLaw is still on hiatus but seeing as the Zombie Congress pretended to do some work today (first time in years that they have held Congressional session during this holiday week) I thought I would pretend too (this isn’t going to be a great post but just some more zombie news to keep this blog sort of up to date).

Forbes: “Could You Love a Zombie Stock? Prowling for Fat Dividends Among the Un-Dead” is about companies in personal computing, telecom and GPS. Note the connection of zombies to rapidly changing technology.

Kate Burgess at Financial Times: “Zombie firms choking off economic renewal” explains the “business buzzword” claiming “Billions of capital is tied up in these companies” but that “death must eventually come”.

This sounds to me like Mitt Romney’s editorial to allow Detroit to go bankrupt rather then prop it up, and also reminds of John Dennis campaign ad “Night of the Living Pelosi” – included this week in USNews: “Zombies, Cigarettes, and Will Rogers: The Year in Political Ads” by Rebekah Metzler who also notes that Dennis “got crushed in November”.

But the election wins by Pelosi and Obama are a far cry from governing mandate and with just one day left it sure looks like we may go over the fiscal cliff. As always, Obama remained cool about it in a interiew this morning on Meet the Press. SNL has previously mocked the president for playing so cool. And perhaps only incidentally. Adam Ant has released a new song called “Cool Zombie“:

The President is also known for his love of basketball and at CBSsports, NBA Blogger Zach Harper has used “fast zombies” to refer to the “attack” style of the LA Clippers in “ The 4-Point Play: Boston must slow down the ‘fast zombie’ Clippers“.

And finally, maybe alcohol is to blame – See “Alcohol turning our children into zombies!” by John Osoro in Daily Nation.

Well, I warned this wasn’t going to be a great post. Like the Congress, I never really intended on accomplishing all that much today… blame the alcohol … and the Florida sunshine…

Happy (almost) New Year. If we go cliff diving tomorrow, don’t worry just drink some champagne and toast to the 113th.

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