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Zombie News Update

December 26, 2012

Apologies to my loyal readers but I am still away for my hiatus – I hope you all enjoyed your Zombie Christmas. Here are a few zombie stories to tide you over:

The Boston Globe: “Flying cars: Not just for escaping zombies” by Carlo Rotella asks:

Why does this culture tell itself this story in this way at this time?

Though the article focuses on “flying cars” the question also applies to zombie stories (similarly recall: Pink Unicorns are Real) and Rotella tangentially connects the topics by also asking:

If flying cars still did figure prominently in our imagined future, what would they be good for, other than a temporary escape from the zombies running amok at ground level?

The Baltimore Sun: “Uncle Harry’s Italian Christmas” by Rosalia Scalia tells the story of a Polish in-law at an Italian feast of fishes, Christmas Eve dinner, particularly about eating octopus:

the sight of sections of octopus arms and squid tentacles entwined around shrimp and scallops, mussels and clams, chunks of cod and lumps of crab and nestled in between olives and capers in the traditional fruit of the sea salad can look like an unfolding horror movie.

Despite Uncle Harry’s love of zombies, werewolves, vampires, boogeymen and all kinds of characters that go bump in the night, a nightmare of weird food must have been what Uncle Harry, a Polish-German World War II veteran, faced during his first traditional feast of the fishes dinner on the Christmas Eve that came a mere eight months after marrying into the family.

Recall “giant vampire squid” and Occupy in Mother Jones “Octopi Wall Street” – Uncle Harry also thought “gnocchi looked like ‘baby aliens.'” But he ate it all for love, “loving each other means doing new and different things”.

Speaking of love: teaching! Ryan at “Yes, This Movie Exists: My Fair Zombie” about a new movie version of Pygmalion where the pupil is literally a zombie:

You ever wonder why zombies can’t talk? Perhaps they don’t have the right teacher.

Or for a different kind of movie experience; Pravda: “Against Disney: Alexander Rou, Soviet director for children” by Nicolas Bonnal:

in a movies’ world controlled by the gloomy agenda of men in black, monstrous aliens, zombies and vampires, I cannot but recommend discovering or rediscovering his [Soviet filmmaker Alexander Rou’s] fantasy.

Why watching these movies? At first, as I noticed, they are joyful and non perverse, being the opposite of today’s children’s culture. Then, unwillingly maybe (unwillingly?), Rou deals in his movies with all the symbols running the roaring Illuminati agenda: mirrors, mazes, jails, chessboards, colours, spiders’ webs, crabs, submarine kingdoms, Masonic lodges, red mushrooms, playing cards and houses of cards, all traps for children’s minds. His cinema tries implicitly to free the minds of the kids trapped nowadays by different poisons in our global village: sweets, foods, technology and floods of images with so many subliminal meanings. This is why it is very important to rediscover this cinema: in order to help the kids to challenge the matrix.

And finally, some American zombie politics; HuffPo: “The Zombie Party” by Robert Kuttner:

a Republican Party, as personified by the House Majority, is the zombie that has been overtaken by public opinion but will neither change nor get out-of-the-way.

Kuttner goes on to say the GOP is “politically dead” and that “fiscal cliff was always a misleading metaphor” but Obama “could be doing a lot more to put a stake through the political heart of the zombie opposition.”

And in closing, I would refer back to the question from the Flying Car article: why are we telling the stories this way at this time?


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  1. william wallace permalink

    Is a zombie still a human being / having human rights?.

    The answer to that question is YES zombies do have
    rights / the only differ is that due to the state of mind
    they be in / their rights must administered by others..

    The problem be at the present time/ human beings
    having by corrupt govt been stripped of all rights by
    corrupt politicians whom serve not the people / but
    serve those whom provided the political funding that
    put them into office / thus the dire present situation
    zombie or none zombie all are treated similar none
    have human rights all treated as “the walking dead”.

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