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Zombies in schools with guns and mental illness

December 15, 2012

First, a moment of silence and acknowledgement that it’s still too soon to talk about these things.

Then a tasteless joke as I’ve honestly heard it suggested that the Newtown school shooter was delusional and trying to save his mother and the school kids from having to be alive next week during the Mayan apocalypse. That’s doubtful. Also doubtful is the possibility this was a hit squad taking revenge on the children of someone they don’t like.

Obama wants “meaningful action” – so gun sales will surely rise in the panic on new regulations – Like don’t think of an elephant – don’t think of gun regulations!.

zombie ammo

Lanza supposedly had Aspergers – queue to the public mental health advocates – and note Asperger’s is about to be written out of the DSM in favor of wider Autism spectrum – and recall “Zombies and Autism – it’s about metaphors”

Recall also that the Zombie Apocalypse scholarship writing competition was to write a short essay about zombies invading your school.

Death is a terrible thing and talk of zombie metaphor versions seems too soon. I am not trying to make light of this horrible situation. The ghosts will haunt us as long as we remember. But we should remember. “remembering is so much more psychotic activity than forgetting” – I wonder if Alzheimer’s might be a sort of self-defense mechanism for the zombie-body against the pain of conscious memory — maybe we all need a medically induced coma.

Schools have always been prisons for the mind, but now they really do need armed security guards. See Volokh’s “A Thought Experiment Related to School Shootings” – his “teacher with a volunteer security guard license” seems like an interesting idea. NYPD already has school police and many schools have regular NYPD also assigned to the school beat. And they have metal detectors. Just like all the government correctional facilities.

We are a military-prison-industrial economy and we should stop being hysterical zombies and accept responsibility for our role in creating this system that keeps spitting out violent young males.

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