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Anemic witches

December 14, 2012

It isn’t easy being green, or a woman or a green woman – like star trek?

But maybe she just needs to eat some meat. And no, that isn’t meant as a euphemism. Literally, she might be anemic.

See “Green women, fat livers, and the cultural side of disease” by Maggie Koerth-Baker in Boing Boing, explaining:

The diagnosed cause: Excessive virginity. Prescription: A husband and, for best results, babies.

The thing with chlorosis is that the actual biological parts of it — the green skin — really did exist. It was the culturally influenced medical interpretation that was all off. In 1936, researchers proved it was actually just a type of anemia

Citing to “The Invention of an Illness” by Druin Burch in Slate. “Fatty liver disease has gone from unknown to pandemic, but does it mean anything?”

In this context I would note prior discussion of the hysterical and zombie economy and the conflation of health and economics metaphors.

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