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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Zombies and Star Trek

December 11, 2012

The new TMNT cartoon on Nick is really good. And this promotional clip conveniently shows the exact part I want to show you in which the turtle gang is linked to both zombies and Star Trek.

teenage mutant ninja turtles zombies

In the clip, the turtles are arguing about their relative abilities and about “B-teams” and “apples vs. oranges”. Raphael is seen reading a comic book entitled “Corps Cadavres” with the tagline: “The Dead Will Save the Earth” – and above the title it says “When the Underworld Rises… Baron Samedi shall summon [the Corps Cadavres]”

Recall the Baron Samedi connection to James Bond – and recall other zombielaw Star Trek references. Also recall that “corps” is short for corporations and note that a primary enemy of the new Ninja Turtles (though not in this particular episode) are alien machines that look like Matrix Agent G-Men but are controlled by alien Krang brains inside – they are like robot alien homunculus zombies.

new kraang

Comparison to Paul Ryan has already been made:

paul ryan kraang

Finally, recall that the Ninja Turtles feature heavily in my NinjaLaw project as nickname of emergency response law enforcement (they wear that heavy turtle-like riot gear) and also multiculturalism where they are linked to Dora the Explorer as an early multicultural cartoon (another similarly to Star Trek) – and it’s not easy being green (recall Zombie Racism).

ALSO a few more thoughts on the Turtles and identity politics: Someone recently noted to me that they wear masks in order to demonstrate their identity. Without their color coded masks (or reference to their weapon choice), you would have no way to identify them. Is it racist to say all Mutant Turtles look a like? And yet a lot of the show is about distinguishing these four characters. They have markedly different personalities and make very different choices – even though they all look alike – green…recall also, Star Trek made green women sexy.

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