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Search the NYTimes Crossword for zombies

December 9, 2012

There is an app that let’s you search New York Times Crossword puzzles (from Oct 1996 to 2011) from Michael Donohoe at Quartz. They have used it to make a wonderful crossword clue history of the internet company AOL. But of course, I searched it for zomb–:

Wed May 31 2000: THEUNDEAD : zombies, collectively
Tue Mar 20 2001: CORPSE : zombie, before revival
Sat Jun 28 2008: ZOMBIES : Corps of corpses
Wed Aug 6 2003: UNDEADRECKONING : zombie calculation?
Thu Jul 21 2011: CORPSE: zombie, essentially
Wed Feb 2 2011: BARTAB : zombies might be on it
Wed Nov 30 -0001: ZOMBIFY : Bring back to life, in a way

Now I am not sure why the dates are not reported in order, and why the year for ZOMBIFY is clearly wrong, but nevertheless I am sure all my fellow zombie hunters will find this interesting.

To say just a bit more, it’s kind of funny that “before revival”, a zombie is a “corpse”, and the zombie also remains “essentially” a corpse. And many zombies are a “corps” or “collectively” “the undead”, who are “in a way” brought “back to life” in “zombie calculation” of the “bar tab” – an “undead reckoning”.

And just to make it really explicit, “corps” is a military reference and short for corporations.

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