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Misanthropy in Tokyo Art Scene

December 6, 2012

Tokyo Art Beat: “Monuments to Misanthropy: A landmark exhibition for controversial artist Makoto Aida at Mori Art Museum” by Tracy Jones is a review of an art exhibit at the Mori Art Museum in the Roppongi, Akasaka area in Tokyo, Japan. The exhibit is called “Monument to Nothing” and features the work of Makoto Aida. Jones writes:

One of the three new paintings on display is still in progress. ‘Jumble of 100 Flowers’ (2012-) is a 17-meter long acrylic painting on canvas. It resembles a video game in which the player shoots at the screen. The pixelated background mimics 8-bit graphics zoomed up close. Targets crawl across the canvas. Young naked girls with purple hair run towards you like zombies. They smile cutely. Shoot a girl in the head and she laughs. Instead of blood, jellybeans explode from her skull. Cuteness is the dominant aesthetic in Japan: for Aida, perhaps modern Japanese woman appear cute, but mindless. Men, unable to emotionally connect to the opposite gender, prefer pixelated versions of women that they can control and kill without conscience.

jumble of 100 flowers

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