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What? You don’t believe in zombies? Bitch, I kill you!

December 5, 2012

So a man in Long Island, New York is charged with attempted murder of his girlfriend and apparently it started with an argument about the plausibility of zombies (as regards the show Walking Dead). I barely want to dignify this story with a post but it’s everywhere in news today so here ya go. Also, it does go to show how seriously some people take their epistemological principles and reminds me of what might happen if philosophers like Chalmers and Dennett were dating — “Damnit Chalmers for the last time, p-zombies aren’t possible! [BANG]”

NBC4: “Man Shoots Girlfriend in Fight Over “The Walking Dead”: Police

AM: “L.I. man shoots girlfriend after argument over ‘The Walking Dead’: Cops

Daily News: “The Walking Stupid! Long Island man arrested after shooting girlfriend over argument over possibility of zombie apocalypse like one on TV’s ‘The Walking Dead’” by Eric Hinton

Gawker: “Man Shoots Girlfriend in the Back for Not Taking the Possibility of a Zombie Apocalypse Seriously” by Neetzan Zimmerman

Associated Press via KVUE: “Police: NY man shot girlfriend over ‘The Walking Dead’ zombie show


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