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Zombies at The Houston Chronicle

December 4, 2012

Today in The Houston Chronicle blogs, two unrelated zombie mentions, 1) a football zombie: “Texans Pass Rush: The Return of the Killer Zombies” by Lance Zierlein and 2) a zombie apocalypse map: “Will you survive the zombies?” by Kyrie O’Connor.

I assume this is just coincidence but one has to wonder what is happening in Houston? or if there is maybe a Chronicle editor pushing zombies?

zombies houston chron Lance Zierlein Kyrie O'Connor

Anyway in the football article, Zierlein likens zombies to a “pass rush” which as Wikipedia explains:

A pass rush… occurs when the defense reads a pass play and elects to rush some combination of linemen (either 3 or 4 linemen in typical 3-4 or 4-3 schemes), in an effort to affect the pass that the opposing quarterback is attempting to complete. Perhaps the most obvious and tangible result of a successful pass rush is the sack, but even when the quarterback is not sacked, “hurries” and “knockdowns” are also important, as they also serve to disrupt in some manner the pass attempt

Zierlein explains:

Tennessee’s pass protection issues combined with Jake Locker’s willingness to hang onto the ball and go down with the ship allowed Wade Phillips to cut his blitz packages loose and that helped add to the Zombie Apocalypse.

And in O’Connor’s post a link to Boing Boing’s “Map of the Dead, survive the zombie apocalypse” by Jason Weisberger which links to Map of the Dead – Zombie Survival Map.

Recall also other ZombieLaw Football and Map of Walmart expansion.


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