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Evolution of the Cheese Zombie

December 2, 2012

Back in September ZombieLaw told you about Cheese Zombies – public school cheese pies – See Cheesy Zombie Cheese.

Today, “The ‘cheese zombie’: Evolution of a Mt. Diablo school district culinary legend” by Theresa Harrington, Contra Costa Times in Mercury News:

zombie cheese

When students and alumni of the Mt. Diablo school district hear the words “cheese zombie,” up pop fond thoughts of gooey, cheese-filled balls of dough that do a great job of filing stomachs with ultimate comfort food.

But when I asked Anna Fisher, director of food and nutrition services, how it was made, she said it has changed over the years, to keep up with each new set of school lunch guidelines:

First it was cheese baked in a ball of bread that was slathered with butter.

Then, when guidelines required low-fat, high-carb foods, the zombie morphed into a doughy delight that was heavy on bread, with less cheese and no butter.

Now that the new guidelines limit grains, the zombies include less bread, but still have to go easy on the cheese to limit fats and sodium. Sometimes, the district gets creative and adds ham or other ingredients.

When more restrictive sodium guidelines take effect, Fisher said, it probably won’t be possible to have both ham and cheese in a school lunch “zombie.”

<click to read rest of article>

and Harrington links to a Clayton Valley High recipe from Gourmet Rooster


I love this zombie reference because zombies are inherently cheesey and government cheese to boot!

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