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Four Horseman and the Zombies of Tech

November 29, 2012

From The Buzz at CNN Money “RIM, Nokia, Facebook, Yahoo: Zombie techs live!” by Paul R. La Monica:

If Apple, Google, IBM (IBM) and Amazon (AMZN) are the new Four Horsemen of Tech, then RIM, Nokia, Facebook and Yahoo are their cousins, the Four Zombies of Tech. The undead walk among us!

zombie paul la monica

La Monica references “The new four horsemen of tech” by David Goldman, early this year at CNN Money.
four horsemen tech

Now that some of these presumed dead are rebounding, La Monica offers his answer to:

what should investors in these zombies do now?

But commenter freddysrevng2 disagrees and thinks La Monica is just

one of the “Countless Fanboy Bloggers and Analysts”

Disclosure: I am one of those countless fanboy bloggers too – so, Mr. La Monica, welcome to the club.

Recall previous ZombieLaw posts about Four Horsemen and also about Social Media

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