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Zombie Arafat

November 28, 2012

Op-Ed Contributor Bess Lovejoy: “Raising the Dead” – “The Rise in Exhumations” published today November 27, 2012:

THIS week, the pale stone tomb in Ramallah that houses the remains of the former Palestinian leader Yasir Arafat was pried open. Researchers plan to test samples of Arafat’s skeleton for signs of poison, after suspicious concentrations of the radioactive isotope polonium-210 were found on his clothes and toothbrush during an investigation this summer. Arafat’s final illness has been a source of speculation since his death in 2004; while medical records show his immediate cause of death was a stroke, many Palestinians believe he was murdered by Israel.

Arafat joins a macabre parade of recently exhumed famous figures. Just this month, Danish researchers announced that tests on the bones of the astronomer Tycho Brahe (exhumed in Prague in 2010) showed he probably perished of natural causes and not, as some had suggested, after being poisoned by his assistant, Johannes Kepler. Also in 2010, Simón Bolívar, Bobby Fischer and Nicolae Ceausescu were exhumed. Christopher Columbus was exhumed in 2003, Jesse James in 1995, Lee Harvey Oswald in 1981 — the list goes on.

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zombie arafat

Incidentally, according to Uncyclopedia:

The current President of the University of Pennsylvania is Zombie Yasser Arafat who took control from some chick in 2004 when she got her panties in a bunch, or something. Conspiracy theorists believe that Zombie Arafat was simply chosen by the secret “Squirrel Overlords” to piss off the Jewish population of the school. When Zombie Arafat took control he stated that he would “end this Jewish wonderland.” Half the campus responded with a simple and curt “what the fuck?”

Obviously that’s fiction. But so it the idea that Arafat was poisoned or more, that this exhumation could prove anything this long afterwards. Personally, it really wouldn’t surprise me if it turned out that Bush and Cheney ordered the Polonium toothpaste for good ol’Fatty but wouldn’t it all degrade by now?… also it seems like a Russian thing to do but …AND obviously more probably he died because he was old, ya know, like Ted Kennedy, if you catch my conspiratorial drift… Squirrel overlords!!!

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