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Zombie Legislators at the Fiscal Cliff

November 27, 2012

Roll Call staffer, Niels Lesniewski wrote “DeMint: Don’t Let Zombies Attack Fiscal Cliff” writing that

Sen. Jim DeMint would rather see Congress go over the fiscal cliff than have a group of “zombie legislators” make tax and spending policy in final post-election weeks of the 112th Congress.

zombie senator jim demint

In the Senator’s report entitled “No Lame Deal in the Lame Duck” explaining why the lame-duck session is lame:

Reason #1: Zombies

The first and most obvious problem of lame duck sessions of Congress are the “lame duck” members of Congress — Representatives and Senators who have either announced their retirement or been replaced by voters. These few dozen “zombie” legislators, unlike their colleagues, are utterly free from public accountability. They are free, for two months and at taxpayer expense, to vote for whatever they please (or whatever pleases their prospective employers, but more on that in a moment), without their constituents being able to do anything about it.

Recall previous ZombieLaw posts about fiscal cliff and zombie congress and see this list of zombies now in congress.

Senator DeMint joins ZombieLaw’s collection of congressman infected by the “zombie” virus. Recall it was Jim Cooper’s “Zombie Congress”
zombie jim cooper

but also Sen. Kyl referred to “Zombie Economy”
zombie john kyl

Waiting in the wings, zombie-master Grover Norquist
zombie grover norquist
– is his tax pledge losing influence?

And what does all this have to do with Rep. Polis’ zombie earmarks and/or Senator Portman’s Bath Salts?
zombie senator portman bath salts

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