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Zombie Turkey, Undead Pilgrims, Slaughtered Native Americans AND Black Friday Hordes

November 21, 2012

ZombieLaw is taking off for Thanksgiving. Enjoy the holiday. It is a classic American holiday to celebrate a time when Pilgrims were saved by Native Americans and had a great feast together and they lived in peace and harmony. And then killed them all. Like the millions of Turkeys killed to make this year’s holiday possible. Don’t worry, animals don’t have consciousness right? bird-brains!?

grains grains zombie turkey

And then the next part of the American tradition, Black Friday, low prices on cheap imports and hordes of mindless shoppers:

black friday native americans

So there will probably be many “zombies” in this news this weekend but I’ll have to catch up when I get back. Til then enjoy the holiday. This year I am personally very thankful for all the support I have received for this blog and on the Kickstarter for the upcoming ZombieLaw book. Unfortunately I still haven’t finished a proper webpage to thank all the donors and bloggers that I need to thank for their help in promoting, but for now, thank you all for reading … nom nom…

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