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Pitts: Conservatives claim America idiot zombies

November 19, 2012

The Miami Herald’s Leonard Pitts Jr. wrote “GOP flame-throwers estranged from reality after election” and it was also reprinted in The Baltimore Sun as “The sad state of zealots with microphones“. Pitts article begins:

America, you are an idiot.

You are a moocher, a zombie, soulless, mouth-breathing, ignorant, greedy, self-indulgent, envious, shallow and lazy.

The foregoing is a summation of “analysis” from conservative pundits and media figures — Cal Thomas, Ted Nugent, Bill O’Reilly and etcetera — seeking to explain Mitt Romney’s emphatic defeat. They seem to have settled on a strategy of blaming the voters for not being smart enough or good enough to vote as they should have. Because America wasn’t smart enough or good enough, say these conservatives, it shredded the constitution, bear hugged chaos, French kissed socialism, and died.

In other words, the apocalypse is coming.

Recall similar conservative zombie message in previous ZombieLaw post.

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