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Andrea Peyser’s Zombie Reality

November 12, 2012

Conservative NYPost columnist Andrew Peyser has published “Our Zombie Reality”:

The apocalypse has come … The fiction is real.

zombie andrea peyser

First referring to Hurricane Sandy:

overnight we’ve turned into futuristic survivalists. Only, the future is now. The government response is feeble. In hard-hit areas, the machines on which we depend for everything, from ordering Chinese to communicating with people under our own roofs, don’t work.

Then referring to World War Z star Brad Pitt:

Flesh-eating zombies are hot.

Peyser rounds out the first page with mentions of CDC preparedness, REI survivalists, and HALO military training exercises. The second page begins with an important safety reminder about shooting viral monsters in the head — brain splatter may be contagious:

Decapitation might be the key to defeating ghouls. But chemically infected humans should be decontaminated first.

Peyser conclude the zombie sections with a bookend to weather and climate change:

Science fiction or fact? I think climate change is rot. But in the minds of many Americans, the apocalypse is real.

Then Peyser moves on to other topics of the day which include: Delmon Young‘s “Jew-bash” “F–king Jews!” and then the “sadistic” MTA executives, “sadistic fares”, “straphangers” and “city dwellers” and concluding with “A plague of pundits” and “Send in the clowns”:

Slurring and giggling, Diane Sawyer looked drunk on ABC. The vile Chris Matthews polluted the airwave


Let these clowns be shunned, fired, or cast out of polite society.


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