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Colleges indoctrinate liberal zombies

November 8, 2012

Hamilton Nolan in Gawker asks “Did College Education Zombie Brainwashing Secure Obama’s Victory?“:

the true rotten, beating heart of Obama’s victory: our national system of liberal zombification centers. (Colleges.)


Did you go to college? Did you vote for Obama? You poor, suckered rube. Don’t you realize that all you really did was to “go along” with elitist “philosophy” and “ethics” and “economics” and “science” theories propagated by leftist professors who knew what they were talking about? Just led along like lambs to the slaughter (of an Obama reelection).

Nolan’s article is sarcastic commentary on Stanley Kurtz in the National Review: “The Cultural Roots of Obama’s Elctorate“, Nolan concludes:

It’s a simple formula, revealed by Stanley Kurtz: more kids going to college= more book learnin’= more leftists= more 29-year-old liberal arts grads living the single life without a care in the world and voting Democratic, instead of being already embittered corporate drones with two kids voting Republican.

Recall similar intellectuals-as-zombies in Columbia University student newspaper about Ivy-league students are unprepared for zombie apocalypse and see also this more recent college newspaper article “The Zombie Apocalypse is coming; you’ve been warned” from the Rocky Mountain Collegian by Sarah Romer. Incidentally, Romer is an electrical engineering major with a minor in Japanese who encourages readers to catch up on HBO’s “Game of Thrones” and prepare for winter.

Yes, now is the winter of our discontent, a civilization discontent. The Obama Zombies having secured another four years, so begins again the cries of winter nearing: “Beware Zombie Recession Calls ” by James Picerno who reminds:

With the election behind us and the fiscal cliff approaching, recession forecasting is in full swing again, and so it’s time once more to roll out the standard caveat — not all predictions are created equal

For example this prediction from Gina Miller at Renew America: “Non-zombie Americans brace for Obama’s ‘flexibility’“:

To the millions of morons who stupidly voted for this anti-American demoniac, ignorance is currently bliss, but for the sentient Americans who understand that our nation has been solidly taken over by evil enemies within, it is mourning in America. What we now face is Obama’s promised “flexibility,” with all the further America-killing, freedom-robbing, Constitution-burning wickedness it entails.

Maybe it’s just because I went to college but I don’t agree with Gina Miller. I really don’t know if I agree with Joe Picerno but I do agree with Sarah Romer who concludes:

no matter how the world ends. Aliens, robot rebellion, or zombies, knowing how to feed yourself is priority number one.

If you don’t know anything about survival, then let me suggest you team up with one of us nerds


See also “Student Senate approves zombie apocalypse

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