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Zombie Votes

November 7, 2012

Zombie voters might sometimes refer to votes registered to names of dead people or also to voters ideologically bound to a particular issue, party or personality (metaphor for mindless following) or as about futility and dysfunction of the system.

Now in New York Magazine, Dan Amira posts “Zombie Casts Ballot in Michigan“:

An elderly Michigan man appeared to die while filling out an absentee ballot yesterday

The post is from the story in “Southfield Twp. voter appears to die, then asks ‘Did I vote?‘” by Tom Greenwood and Rod Beard in The Detroit News:

“He was dead,” Houston said. “He had no heartbeat and he wasn’t breathing. I started CPR, and after a few minutes, he revived and started breathing again. He knew his name and his wife’s name.”

What happened next astounded Houston and the victim’s wife.

“The first question he asked was ‘Did I vote?'”

ALSO – did you vote in E! Online by John Boone “Vampires vs. Zombies: Vote in the 2012 Pop-Culture Election!” – currently Vampires are leading 2:1 in exit polls.

Amira concludes:


zombie dan amira


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