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L.A. Zombie internet posts – free speech or criminal?

November 6, 2012

Feds, defense attorney argue over whether Internet posts were free speech” in Evansville Courier Press by Mark Wilson:

EVANSVILLE — A federal judge is considering whether to dismiss the charges against an Evansville man accused of making threatening, anonymous Internet posts after hearing arguments on whether or not the posts are free speech protected by the Constitution.

Derrick G. Murray, 31, who police believe was a leader in a local street gang called the L.A. Zombies, is scheduled to be tried on Jan. 28 in U.S. District Court. He is charged with three counts of violating a federal law against transmitting threats to kidnap or injure another person. He could be sentenced to up to five years in prison for each count.

Judge Richard L. Young listened to arguments from defense attorney Michael Keating and Assistant U.S. Attorney Sharon Jackson during a brief hearing Monday afternoon. Young seemed inclined to let a jury decide the case but said he would consider both sides and make a ruling soon.

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Recall two previous tangentially related ZombieLaw posts: “Nickname of ‘Zombie’ is not evidence of guilt” – about Zombie as a gang-nickname – AND – “Cybernetic Zombie that lives on in Cyberspace “ – about anonymous internet posts and free speech

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