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Rachel Maddow has ready bag for zombie election scenario

November 6, 2012

There have been zombie election predictions that suggest Bush v Gore like scenarios that extend the decision past tomorrow. Hazlehurst’s Blog at Colorado Springs Business Journal is a similar “Will zombies rule on Election Day?” that humorously suggests an unlikely but possible “President Biden, Vice President Ryan.”

Rachel Maddow has tonight suggested preparing for tomorrow’s political “endurance” exercise. She might have to fly off to Florida or wherever the media circus sends her for the last minute counting of chad droppings. So like a good emergency preparedness survivalist she has a ready bag. She also suggests bringing a chair to the election line and “carb loading” tonight (Dan Rather suggested 3000 calories an hour) – how about some government zombie cheese? “Pasta people pasta”?!

Why does she want me to eat gluten? If I do that, I am definitely going to need that chair. But if I bring an empty chair with me will that be considered lobbying at the polling site?

zombie rachel maddow


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