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Zombie Congress is soon

November 5, 2012

In the Washington Examiner: “The zombie Congress” by James Jay Carafano, “a senior research fellow for national security at the Heritage Foundation.”

zombie james carafano

Carafano writes:

the zombie apocalypse has become American shorthand for a world falling apart. When American angst rises, the zombies come back.


No matter which political party comes out on top tomorrow, Washington will turn into Zombie-land within weeks. That’s because Congress will reconvene for a “lame-duck” session, in which the walking dead (members who won’t return next year) have a post-mortem chance to leave their mark on the nation’s policy. Yes, they’ll be facing the same intractable problems they’ve been unable to solve for the last two years, but zombies aren’t rational.

Carafano seems to suggest that the lame duck zombie congress should do nothing and push off the problems into the new year. But I am not clear what he is suggesting for the fiscal cliff. Is he suggesting they pass an extension and then fix it next year, or let the sequester happen and then fix it?

The best course of action is nonaction. Let the nightmare of this Congress pass and the new, living Congress tackle these problems through the regular order of business.

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