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Zombie Krugman attacks Ideas

November 4, 2012

ZombieLaw is reconnected to the Con-Ed juice and just in time for the reanimation of Zombie Paul Krugman, posting “The Ultimate Zombie Idea” in the NYTimes, explaining:

Zombie ideas — a phrase I originally saw in the context of myths about Canadian health care — are policy ideas that keep being killed by evidence, but nonetheless shamble relentlessly forward, essentially because they suit a political agenda.

See previous ZombieLaw posts about Zombie Paul Krugman. In today’s article:

CRS report … World War II era … Reagan’s … Bush tax cuts … Clinton’s 1993 tax hike … Romney’s alleged plan for recovery.

There is, of course, no mystery here: just ask who benefits …

our public discourse is so obviously, nakedly corrupt.

zombie paul krugman

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