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At Comic Cons “People like what they don’t know”

November 4, 2012

This enjoyable article from Winnipeg Free Press by Jen Skerritt, “Why do kids like Comic Con? ‘No one judges you’“, highlights the connection of the comic book conventions to zombies and anonymous, and also to that symbol of conspicuous consumption, Santa Claus – both Santa zombie and Guy Fawkes zombie in the lead picture:
santa claus zombie guy fawkes anonymous zombies factory

The article also includes fan quotes:

“sci-fi fans are incredibly loyal,” said Smallville’s Aaron Ashmore
“No one judges you,” said 14-year-old Jay Budhia
“You kind of just do what you want and be who you want to be,” added Madi Blagden
“People like what they don’t know,” Travis Cool said.

This reminds me of Zombie Pride and the connection of zombies to psychoanalytic Otherness and an existentialism of consumer expression.

Recall also, Zombie Research Society at San Diego 2011 con

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