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Live from the NYC apocalypse – escaped 14th to ground zero

November 2, 2012

There is still no running water or electricity near Union Square in Manhattan (since Monday night). The stores are all shuttered and to flush the toilet requires carrying gallons of water up the stairs. They are predicting restoration by Saturday but I’m not holding my breath, seems like it’s time to escape… but which way to go when there are gas shortages in all directions? Of course it could be much much worse and my heart and prayers go out to those in the Rockaways, Staten Island and Jersey beaches (those pictures, especially the amusement parks and fields of destroyed homes really look like apocalypse).

For the moment I have escaped to an apartment in Battery Park City which was actually in the Zone A mandatory evacuation but now has its power back (can’t help think that’s because they prioritized the nearby bank buildings … but I guess it makes sense that an exploded transformer on 14th street will cause more problems on 14th street then down here at “ground zero” – tonight the Freedom Tower and WTC memorial are lit).

Meanwhile, the “zombie” news has not stopped and I apologize but there is no way I can adequately cover it this week. Here are some links to “zombies” that I would have liked to write more thoroughly about; maybe another time. Until then:

Above the Law: “How Lawyers Would Botch The Zombie Apocalypse” by Joe Patrice

NYTimes: “A Zombie Is a Slave Forever” by Amy Wilentz

PsychCentral: “Attack of the ADHD Zombies” by Zoe Kessler

Examiner: “Gruesome pro-gay ad depicts Obama supporters beheading, hacking Romney ‘zombies’” by Joe Newby

MonroeNews: “Isn’T The Zombie Moment Over?” By Rebecca Regnier

And ZRS Matt Mogk spoke – by KXAN (CNN): “Zombie expert speaks at Texas Tech

Well this is a poor excuse for a blog entry but it made me feel better. Rituals really do help to keep you sane… (zombie rituals, hehe..)

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