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We Have Enough Zombies @nytimes

October 29, 2012

We Have Enough Zombies” by David R. Castillo in NyTimes Room for Debate:

Zombies don’t need to show up at our Halloween parties anymore because they are in fact among us every other day of the year.


zombies are not just part of our every day life here and now. They are out to claim the future of the entire world in apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fantasies, and they are also determined to colonize the past


our fixation with zombies may have less to do with our fear of death than with our growing anxiety about the type of life we live. Could it be that we recognize ourselves in the soulless, aimless, consumption-driven zombie hordes?

This is part of a Room for Debate series on “Monsters Versus Sexy Nurses“:

Are we replacing zombie looks with sexy maid and witty high-concept constructs to avoid reminders of death?

Including also “Zombie Confessions: I Was a Sexy Nurse” by Erin Earley and “Embracing Our Inner Monsters” by Sarah Seltzer and “Fun for Both Femme Fatales and Feminists” by Eva Wiseman

Note this strong connection of zombies to feminism, but also multiculturalism and psychoanalysis: “In Mexico, Death Is a Soulful, Family Affair” by Arturo Garcia Osorio and “Love, Sex and Death” by Gurit Birnbaum

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