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#stormrolled by #frankenstorm and zombie lies

October 29, 2012

The news coverage about Hurricane Sandy is as ridiculous as the political media the past few weeks. And some of the pictures on the internet are absurd. Even the realistic images are possibly photoshopped and all of the news is edited and packaged. There are scary clouds, and waves over Statue liberty and collapsed crane and buildings. What’s real, who knows! But with two days off work, who cares. Like political economic zombie lies, this storm is all about 24 hours news cycle infotainment.
monsters hurricane sandy storm godzilla

Additionally, it seems decided that Hurricane Sandy is about eating lots of carbs and cheese. Recall Zombie Cheese. Perhaps ‘a la Sandy’ should mean covered in melted cheese — Followed by a dramatic: “I’m Melting I’m Melting…

AND Horse-people-creatures:

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