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Zombies are made with Rum

October 28, 2012

“Happy Hour: Old recipes worth reanimating” by Adam McDowell in National Post:

The zombie is a cocktail that can put you under if you’re not careful. There’s a serious amount of rum in here

McDowell includes his rum and fruit juice recipe for a “Screeching Zombie” or as an alternative Halloween-themed drink, a gin, grand marnier, lillet mix called a “Corpse Revivers No. 2” – both include a dash of absinthe.

Note the again a rhetorical category difference between zombies and reanimated corpses (see Those aren’t zombies and Rules for zombie movies).

Recall also Zombies as Puerto Rican rum in the 1958 US Court of Claims case of COMPANIA RON CARIOCA DESTILERIA, INC. V. THE UNITED STATES

Or perhaps you’d prefer instead some Zombie Apocalypse Vodka

Better get to the liquor store now to prepare for the zombie apocalypse about to arise if Frankenstorm Hurricane Sandy is even half what the media is hyping it to be.

If this storm rains out Halloween, well then more Zombie Chocolate Candy for me!

Recall also the Haitian Zombi relation to U.S. capitalism and sugar mill industry.

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