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Zombie Election

October 27, 2012

New York Magazine has published “The Zombie Election: Four ways the campaign may be undead on November 7.” by John Heilemann predicting possible doomsday scenarios for 2012 election:

1. The Romney Squeaker Scenario
2. The Reverse Gore Scenario
3. The Recount (or Recounts) Scenario
4. The Tie-Goes-to-the-Romney Scenario

Heilemann doesn’t use the word zombie in the article, so probably we can attribute this “zombie” to the editors at New York Magazine – Heilemann concludes:

probably a fantasy, but, hey, a boy can dream.

Recall the very similar article by Garrett Epps in the Atlantic earlier this week. Again the article did not use “zombie” except in the headline. Both article’s refer to nightmare but why are the editors of these magazines pushing zombie into the title? Simple – Zombie Marketing. Happy Halloween in the year of the zombie. A time when every author’s nightmare is changed by their editor into a zombie – an alienated product with a byline. (like Romney letting Detroit go bankrupt?)

Also I can’t help noting all the throwbacks to the late 1990’s and Y2k election. People seem very nostalgic for the Clinton years. The democrats want to remember it as good times to repeat but the republicans remember that we concluded that era by electing W. Democrats might respond that we didn’t elect him the Court did. But it was us too. Both sides are repeating yesterday’s battles as if the world hasn’t drastically changed. Regardless of this election outcome, this zombie era is far from over.

Meanwhile more literal zombie election coverage at HuffPo: Zombie Presidential Candidates: Is Obama Or Romney Better For The Undead? (INFOGRAPHIC)

Link includes great infographic of the “issues eating America”.

Recall also prior zombielaw literal presidential monsters

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