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Frankenstorm Sandy is monters metaphors

October 26, 2012

Frankenstorm – uhhh ok

LATimes: “It’s ‘Frankenstorm’! It’s the economy! It’s both!” AND “Three storms, dark forecast: ‘Frankenstorm’ a three-headed monster”

USA Today: “What’s in a name? Frankenstorm vs. Sandy”

NPR: “If Sandy Becomes ‘Frankenstorm,’ It Could Be Worst In A Century

Gothamist: “MTA Cancels Subway Work, Battens Down The Hatches For FRANKENSTORM

Ok so it’s funny but why call it Frankenstorm? It’s a “hybrid vortex” combination of storm systems. In that sense it is an assembly of parts but what makes this Franken-assembly (and recall Taliban Franken-gun) is the role of technology. The Frankenstein metaphor is not just a zombie monster (see bestiary of zombies not a zombie) it is reanimated and it is an issue of technology and body-politics.

In Hurricane Sandy we see a failure of statistical modeling. We just don’t know what that storm is going to do or where it is going to hit. We should rightly marvel at the advanced warning systems that can predict the possibility of this catastrophic storm but we still just don’t have a way to really predict. There are too many variables. And so probably the only horror is the media circus – yet still we do need preparation because it could be the real zombie apocalypse this week – but probably not — until it is — but probably not… but maybe…

Politically, this all plays handily into a narrative of fear and of possible mayan 2012 zombie apocalypse, plus Nature’s flooding of liberal east coasters is just so Biblical-like. And we were even given a fair warning last year, so this time maybe the end of days really is coming. Better stock up on supplies — like zombie vodka.

The message: you’re scared, it’s the end of the world, go buy stuff.

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