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Zombie religion

October 25, 2012

Stant Litore, author of ‘The Zombie Bible’ has posted in HuffPo: “Zombies and God: 5 Religious Questions That Zombie Stories Ask Us“:

1. No More Room in Hell
2. People Devour People
3. Eyes That Don’t Look Back
4. Life is Choice
5. Lives of Unstoppable Hope

Litore considers his topics from religious theological perspectives but they are also relevant to existentialism and psychoanalysis. Sartre famously wrote: Hell is the Other (or other people), and it is the Gaze that devours. But soylent green is people and we are a virus devouring the planet and each other in a capitalist food system. Notions of choice seem hopelessly illusory. Free will? Absurd; human existence c’est la plague. The question remains to what degree we should choose choice as an epistemological frame. Epistemology may have effects on behavior.

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