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Zombies return to satellite – AMC and Dish settle dispute

October 24, 2012

The dispute between Dish and AMC seems to have settled. Recall AMC’s public opinion lobbying efforts included NYC Zombie Experiment and A.Zombie for President.

For settlement info see:

Dish Settles With AMC, Gets Shows Back by Nate Wooley:

Dish will pay AMC $700 million. Included in the arrangement is $80 million for Dish to buy spectrum licenses from AMC sister-firm Cablevision


Spat settled: Zombies back on Dish Network” by Jason Notte:

“The Walking Dead,” “Breaking Bad,” “Mad Men,” “Portlandia” and other AMC Networks shows are returning to Dish Network after the satellite provider reached a settlement with AMC Networks and its former parent company Cablevision in a dispute dating back to 2008.

See also in Entertainment Weekly: “What ‘The Walking Dead’ can teach broadcast TV” by James Hibberd about how cable TV is changing to rules for TV entertainment.

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