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That pumpkin is a zombie

October 24, 2012

Sometimes it’s plants vs. zombies, but sometimes the plants are the zombies. No I’m not talking about people in persistent vegetative state, I’m talking about this month’s sculptural garden exhibit at the New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx: The Haunted Pumpkin Garden, October 6-October 31:
halloween spooky garden

In Associated Press video today:

And see last year’s video:

And consider the Washington Irving tale of Sleepy Hollow. The story of a headless horsemen in upstate New York. The horsemen relates again to the four horsemen and the apocalypse. The headless horsemen, like many undead monsters, is of European heritage. And like zombies, the horsemen takes a particularly American heritage in the Sleepy Hollow story. Here, Irving’s version is the story of running a foreigner out of town by using fear tactics and anonymous terror.

anonymous sleepy hollow headless horsemen pumpkin

Note also today a road sign was hacked in upstate New York. In Wall Street Journal: “‘Zombies ahead’ message appears on NY road sign “; 13WHAM ABC: “The Sign Says “Zombies Ahead” – Yes, It Was Hacked” And MyABC50: “”Zombies Ahead”, DOT road sign hacked”

ny zombies ahead hack sign

Recall from prior ZombieLaw: hacked sign said “nazi zombies run” and if you google you can find all sorts of great images of similarly hacked zombie construction signs.

Finally, look at these two precious pumpkins getting married in zombie cosplay – til death do they part – “Celebrating ‘Scary Moment’ In Their Lives” by Danielle Stanton in MonroeNews

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